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Friday, 2 January 1970

Noojee Line Bridge Number 1

Noojee Line Bridge Number 1. There were seven magnificent bridges on the Warragul - Noojee line, and for this reference they are numbered from 1 to 7 from the Warragul end of the line. There are varying degrees of remains of these bridges, from Not A Trace to the well-known preserved Bridge 7. This one is the first of the group, and also the smallest and it fits into the Not A Trace left category. I am indebted to Mark Tregoning and Andrew Collier for collecting the images of the Noojee bridges.

This map shows the position of the bridges, superimposed on an old Land Survey Map. Note there is a bogus bridge shown just on the Warragul side of Bridge 4, and Bridge 7 is drawn on the map in the wrong place.

So far, this is the only photograph I have of this bridge, probably because it was not all that outstanding compared to the others.
From the Collections of Mark Tregoning and Andrew Collier

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