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Thursday, 1 January 1970

Noojee Line - Bridge Number 7

Noojee Line Bridge Number 7 is the best known bridge on the line, primarily because it managed to escape some of the bushfires and has been undergoing gradual restoration. However it was not the largest bridge on the line, Bridge 2 has that distinction. It is now the tallest surviving all-timber railway bridge in Victoria, at 20.5 Metres in height.

This map shows the position of the bridges, superimposed on an old Land Survey Map. Note there is a bogus bridge shown just on the Warragul side of Bridge 4, and Bridge 7 is drawn on the map in the wrong place.

This photo taken during construction is thought to show Bridge Number 7.

Ground level view looking up at deck.

Shot from Down end looking back towards Warragul.

Shot from Up end

Wide shot of bridge.

Bridge 7 in an interesting view, completely intact, but before the road into the site was constructed and the bridge was promoted as a tourist attraction. The lack of a safety fence across the bridge would give authorities apoplexy today.

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