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Wednesday, 5 January 1977

Mount Dandenong Road Rail Bridge Croydon

Mount Dandenong Road Rail Bridge Croydon. Ron Woods writes: The East side of the Mount Dandenong Road bridge at Croydon, shortly after work to replace the bridge had begun.  This photo appeared on page 367 of December 2014 Newsrail.  Another photo, taken from the west side, is on page 304 of the October 2014 issue.

Oddly enough, I (Geoff Baxter) had been negotiating the purchase of a house to the immediate right of this photo when I learned the bridge works were going ahead. I was fortunately able to get out of the contract, just as well as the house was demolished once the work began.

Work begins to replace the single line bridge with a new double line bridge.

From the collection of Ron Woods


  1. Ah yes, I remember that house WE were about to purchase :)
    that was a close call.

    1. Ah, so you found my Blog. You might as well have signed, as it is not easy to guess who you are. Yes, you are right, there were two of us in that deal. I hope you are keeping well.