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Monday, 22 November 2021

Rail over Road Bridge, Kylie Lane, Seville East. Lilydale to Warburton Railway

Finally out of lockdown and out on the trails again. This time being the first outing for the new bicycle. I had bought a folding mountain bike to ride the trails, but after my cardiac surgery, I found it stressful riding any distance. So I bought a conversion kit and converted the bike into an e-Bike. 

I drove to the car park at the old Woori Yallock station, then rode back towards the west to access this bridge, and others along the Warburton Rail Trail.

This bridge is pretty unremarkable, being steel beams on concrete piers, with 3 openings. Pretty much all of the bridges on the old Lilydale to Warburton line are of similar construction. This bridge allows Kylie Lane to pass under the rail line. I called out to Kylie, but she did not answer, must have been off enjoying the lovely Spring weather :-)

Looking along the rail trail towards Warburton.

View of Kylie Lane on the North side of the bridge.

It was too steep to get down to the roadway, so this view is the best I could manage from the ROW.

Fortunately, Deon drove along Kylie Lane and sent me this photo showing the bridge from gound level. Thank you Deon.

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