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Friday, 2 January 1970

Warrenheip Road Bridge

Warrenheip Road Bridge. Ron Woods writes: This is the only photo I have that shows the original bluestone bridge on Warrenheip Road at Warrenheip.  It was replaced by the present concrete structure a short time later.  As well as the bridge, it shows S303 + S3?? on an up goods train some time during 1969.

This bridge was replaced for road safety reasons. The road approach on the north side had a very sharp bend right at the bridge, and a motorist travelling toward the bridge from that side was looking at the side of the bridge until reaching it.  The bridge was fairly narrow and the bluestone sides prevented motorists from seeing vehicles coming toward them.  Consequently, it was the scene of many head-on collisions.  At the time there was no active preservation movement to prevent the bluestone bridge being demolished, although there are similar bridges between Warrenheip and Geelong, including at Navigators and Lethbridge, so any preservation attempt may have failed in any case.  The present bridge is closer to the camera and on a different angle, and the northern road approach is now on a sweeping bend with good visibility.

From the collection of Ron Woods

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