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Friday, 2 January 1970

Wombat Timber Trestle

Wombat Timber Trestle. Ron Woods writes: Somewhere around the mid-1960s, a friend and I chanced upon this timber trestle, which was just on the Ballarat side of Wombat station (to the right of the photo), on the long-closed Newlyn - Daylesford line.  This is a good example of "take a photo when you can" - we were surprised to find that, just a month later, it had been demolished, leaving not a trace.

The position of this bridge is approximate, as there is nothing to indicate its position any longer.

From the collection of Ron Woods

Two further photographs of this trestle taken by Des Jowett on October 23, 1955

Photo by Des Jowett

Photo by Des Jowett

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