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Friday, 1 August 2014

Royston Mill near Royston Power Station

Ron Welsh sent me some photos taken by his son Daniel, and I contacted Peter Evans for some background on the mill. Peter kindly sent some information and an earlier photo of the mill. Thank you to Ron, Daniel and Peter for this item.

Peter writes: "The only remaining sawmill in the Rubicon Forest is owned by the SEC and is located near the Royston power station.  It was built after the 1939 fires to cut bridge timbers and scantling for use by the SEC for construction and maintenance purposes.  Around 1946-47, it was enlarged and made more weather-proof.  Powered by electricity, the mill incorporates many parts salvaged from other mills after the 1939 fire – for example, the large cast-iron saw sharpening stand was originally from the No.1 mill.  (Rails to Rubicon, page 173)

A couple of years ago the Alexandra Timber Tramway undertook a project for the Department of 'many changing names' and several new uprights were put into the mill to stop it falling down.  A new enclosure for the saw sharpening marchine was built, and the place generally tidied up."
This photo from Peter was taken in 1947 and shows the mill in use. The SEC electric tram is shown parked outside the mill. The mill itself is only a short distance from Royston Power Station.
Photo by Frank Aplin, Peter Evans collection.
The interior of the mill as it is today. The saw blade has presumably been removed for safety.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.
The electric motor for the saw which is contained in a small room at the rear of the mill.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.
View from the South end of the mill.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.
Looking into the mill from a position close to the tram line.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.
View from the aqueduct crossing looking North.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.
View from the same position looking South.
Photo by Daniel Welsh.



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