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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Noojee Line - Intersection with Laing Road

Noojee Line - Intersection with Laing Road. I was looking to try and identify the owners of the land where the sites of Bridges 1 and 2 are located, and it provided an interesting place to view the ROW from.

Looking East along the ROW at Laing Road. The track curved around to the right behind the hill in the mid foreground to the site of Bridge Number 1. It then comes back on the far side of the gully, heading towards the famous Bridge Number 2.

Looking towards Bridge Number 2. The line curves around to the notch in the hill with the bright green grass, passing around the far side of the hill to its appointment with Bridge 2 in the far gully, now filled with lush vegetation and trees.

Looking back towards Nayook from Laing Road. The line curves away to the right, then curving back around the hill towards Nayook to the left of the shot.

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