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Friday, 5 June 2015

South Gippsland Railway - Bena Road over rail bridge

The Bena Road Over Rail Bridge. This bridge was originally a timber trestle bridge over the rail line, but has since suffered a peculiar case of Steel Strangler Fig. The original timber piles are still there, but the bridge has been progressively encased in steel such that the timbers probably take no part in the structural process any longer, and are just going along for the ride.

Lets play Spot The Wooden Bits!

Ah, there are the wooden bits, in the roadway. Clever devils, hiding them out in the open like that.

A free-standing footbridge has been added on the Up side to help disguise the bridge further.

Towards Korumburra in the Down direction, the new bridge over the road is in the over-exposed section, a short distance away.

In itself a rather amazing construction. Fancy building a brand new bridge like this on a railway line with a dubious future? It crosses the old South Gippsland Highway at Bena.

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