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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Maffra Line - Bridge over Boggy Creek at Tinamba

The Maffra Line crosses Boggy Creek just slightly south-west of Tinamba. The original bridge had lost its deck over time, only the trestles remaining. A new deck of steel longitudinal sections has been installed, and a section that was missing has been spanned by an inverted Howe Truss of identical design to the one at the Latrobe River bridge.

During the re-building works, the rail trail was diverted to one side, and this roadway still exists for vehicle and horse access. The bypass can be seen to the left of this shot, taken looking west across the bridge deck.
The eastern end of the bridge with new steel sections sitting on the original wooden trestles.
No attempt has been made to straighten the piles on the far side of this trestle, but given the weight that the bridge is now expected to carry, it probably matters not.

The western end, where the bridge was incomplete, now spanned by a Howe Truss.

The truss is in two sections, bolted together, with a central supporting steel post on a concrete foundation.
View of the full bridge, taken from the western end.


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