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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Maffra Line - Toongabbie Railway Station Site

The Toongabbie Railway Station site is now a long park in the middle of the township, with little to show that once there was a railway here. There is a mound on the north side of the line, and a somewhat modified and 'restored' buffer stop. Given the alignment of the buffer stop with the mound, there are a couple of possibilities.

Firstly, the buffer stop has been moved into its current position, as it is in line with where the track would have been alongside the mound, and the line did not terminate here, it was a through station.

The other possibility is the mound is from a goods platform, and the buffer is in its original position. The main line would have presumably been on the left side. Note the appearance of Georgie, the Photobombing Cocker Spaniel.

This photo is from Darren Hodges, taken before it was prettied up. Judging from this photo, it looks as if the buffer is in its original position.
Photo from the Darren Hodges collection

And the buffer stop today, taken from pretty much the same angle.

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