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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

I had a lovely email from a fellow bridge enthusiast and photographer today, who noted that the last entry was in September of 2018, and asking if I had given up on adding to the blog. 

The answer is no, I hope to be out and about again very soon. This last year has seen some challenges, the surgery on my back has worked, however I am finding it hard to get out. At the same time, we moved from our property in Garfield in West Gippsland, to a lovely new place at Jindivick, just north of Warragul. The move to the new property has meant I have had to spend some time adapting the place to our needs, but that is mostly done now.

The upside is that I am now even closer to the site of the most magnificent chain of wooden bridges between Nayook and Noojee. They are almost in my backyard. I spent many weeks with these bridges back in 1962, and the memories of them are still quite alive for me. Sadly, apart from the well known preserved bridge, there is almost nothing remaining of the best of those bridges.

Thank you for looking in, and see you out in the bush....

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