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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bridge #1 over Stringybark Ck. on the Lilydale to Healesville Line

First bridge of any interest after Lilydale. It consists of eleven 11 feet openings and a longitudinal deck.. It is badly infested with reeds and blackberries and not very easy to access or photograph. Sadly, rather unattractive. 

Heading from Lilydale to Healesville, via Yarra Glen, this is the first bridge of any interest on the line but situated beside a very busy road where it is not advised to stop for a photo, as there is no place to stop or park off the highway.


  1. Hi again Geoff, thank-you for documenting those bridges before they get replaced or torn down - they have already lost some to bushfire out there.

  2. Thank you Ivan. I have not been able to get out for some time, as we had to prepare our farm for sale. We have now sold it, and will be moving to a lovely new property in Jindivick in March. Hopefully I will then be able to get out and cover some more bridges.