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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bridge #2 on the Lilydale to Healesville Line

My numbering, nothing to do with the railway. This bridge is probably the most interesting one left on this railway line, and the most easily accessed and visible. 

It consists of ten 15 foot openings plus a single central 20 foot opening. I am guessing it's purpose was simply to let water through under the rail line. Apparently this bridge is known as the 'Humpback Bridge' because the middle is higher than the ends.

It is situated alongside the Melba Highway, 8.92 Kilometres from Lilydale Station. 

It is in pretty poor condition, consistent with being abandoned for many years. 

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  1. The 15 foot span was actually because the melba highway originally went under this bridge. The may explain why it has a distinct hump in the grade and had a 20mph speed limit