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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bridge over Lilydale to Healesville Line at Donovans Road

This is a road-over-rail bridge that once carried Donovans Road over the Lilydale to Healesville railway line, approximately 1.8 Kilometres short of the line's destination at Healesville. It is not in use any longer, having been rendered obsolete by a small road diversion to the west of the bridge to take Donovan's Road across the tracks at grade level. 

Standing looking at the current arrangement, one is tempted to wonder why the crossing at grade was not implemented originally, as it only involves a short deviation to the road along what probably would have been railway land anyway.

The bridge is in quite surprisingly good condition, although I would not like to stroll across the deck (I have a strict rule about not strolling across bridge decks in order to prolong life). I would suspect that it has to be very carefully maintained so bits of it do not fall onto the permanent way. 

The bridge is at the top of a rise in the track level, with the track gently sloping down either side of the bridge.

The northern end of the deck.

The western approach to the bridge, looking towards Healesville, up the small grade.

South end from track level.

North end from Track level.

Underside of deck.

Eastern approach to the bridge, looking towards the new grade crossing, again down grade.

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