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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bridge #3 on Lilydale to Healesville Line

It is not any sort of official numbering, it simply means the third interesting bridge on the line from Lilydale. It is located just at the point where the line spears off across the Yarra River flood plain towards Yarra Glen, departing from the Melba Highway. 

About the Melba Highway. The day I was there I was quite concerned about being wiped out by the incessant traffic, particularly tip trucks, that buzz along that road. It is not a good place to stop for photographs.

This is the last remaining wooden section of what was once a very long and impressive set of bridge sections that crossed the Yarra River flood plain. The trestle sections have been replaced over the years by earthern embankment, and in the accompanying video, you can see where the earth was excavated from long trenches beside the line, now filled with water.

Much of the wooden sections, including the river crossing, were wiped out by bushfires. 

The remaining bridge consists of five 11 foot openings.

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