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Monday, 10 August 2015

Wonthaggi Branch - Bridge Number 12 Kilcunda

This is the lesser known Kilcunda trestle bridge, it carried the railway over the Bass Highway in times gone by, before the highway was expanded and re-aligned. Originally, the highway was north of the rail line and made a sudden turn South to go under this bridge before heading on to Anderson.

The bridge is, oddly, not protected by fences or such, but you would not want to walk across it, as it is showing signs of some rot in the deck timbers. It has two main openings of 20 ft. and 15 ft, and the intervening trestle used to be in the middle of the road, with the West bound lane passing under the 20 ft opening and the East-bound lane passing under the 15 ft. opening.

The height warning signs can be seen in the photographs over there respective road lanes. The 15 ft. opening is occupied these days by shrubs and trees and not visible to any real extent, while the 20 ft. opening has been cleared to allow passage under the bridge.

View from the north side, looking South. The clearance sign is over the West-bound roadway.

View from the South, looking North, the clearance sign is over the East-bound lane, but partly obscured by the trees and vegetation.

View from underneath.

View of the deck, looking West.


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