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Monday, 10 August 2015

Wonthaggi Branch - Bridge Number 13 Bourne Creek at Kilcunda

This is the big one, the only one that most people know about on this line, and easily the most attractive. It is also, because of it's stunning location, one of the best known timber trestles in Victoria.

The bridge consists of 15 openings of 20 ft. each, for a total length of 300 ft, or 91 Metres, with a height of 11.9 Metres. While the bridge has been made safe to walk over, there has not been much attention given to the structure in recent times, and timbers have been known to fall off it. For this reason, the section underneath has been fenced off with large warning signs.

For dare-devil photographers however, the fences are easily got around!

Wide shot taken from road bridge.

And because I could not get wide enough, East side.

And West side.

Taken from East or Down side abutment.

Closer up to the abutment.

Looking down to the piles in the river.

From underneath the bridge at the Eastern abutment.

Yes, its that shot again!

And the deck, looking West or from Down towards Up side.

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