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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wonthaggi Branch - Bridge Number 5

Wonthaggi Branch - Bridge Number 5. Located 12.91km from Nyora. The line at this point runs right alongside the farm house, with both bridges 5 & 6 within 50 metres of the house. For this reason alone, the farm owners do not want the rail trail coming through as it would pass within 10 metres of their house.

The bridge is one of the concrete culvert type over a shallow gully and serves as the main route to get to the paddocks to the north. For this reason, the original concrete deck, which was crumbling from repeated use, was stripped off a couple of years back and replaced with a steel reinforced deck.

The lady of the property, despite being rudely surprised in her dressing gown by my arrival, was very helpful in providing information, aided by an overly-friendly Rottweiler of about 100 kgs named Lucy!

The first surprise on arriving at the property was this grounded B Van near the entrance to the farm yard. You will see it in the background of a number of shots, and it tends to anchor the position of the photographs.
From the farm yard looking north towards the bridge.

On the north side of the bridge, looking south. You can see just how close the ROW is to the farm house.
North-East side of the bridge.

North-West side of the bridge.

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