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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bridge on Maldon to Laanecoorie Line

This bridge was at local mileage 10 miles 73ch and there was another large bridge at 10m 52ch with seven openings. These bridges never came into use, as the line beyond Shelbourne was not completed and the track was subsequently removed in 1897.

I am endebted to Des Jowett for providing these photos and also the background history.

Photo by Des Jowett

Photo by Des Jowett
This is thought to be the same bridge, taken in 1980 by Allan Renshaw, showing the bridge burnt out.

Photo by Allan Renshaw, from a collection held by Darren Hodges.
These two photos are thought to show the bridge at 10m 52ch. possibly during or shortly after construction.

Darren Hodges Collection

Darren Hodges Collection

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