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Monday, 11 January 2016

Bridge over Latrobe River and Flats - Moe to Walhalla Narrow Gauge Railway.

No longer in existence and no trace can be found of this bridge. The path along which the long bridge crossed the river flats of the Latrobe River has been redeveloped as a sewage treatment plant, with the eastern boundary of one of the ponds closely aligned to the path of the bridge. The bridge consisted of 75 openings of 15 feet each, totalling approximately 1,125 feet.

The first photo is taken from the western side of the bridge, with the Latrobe River on the left and Moe township to the right.

Photo by Des jowett

Taken at the northern end of the bridge, with the river in the foreground, looking south towards Moe, the northern outskirts barely a mile away.

Photo by Des Jowett

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