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Monday, 11 January 2016

Bridge over Jubilee Lake, Daylesford - North Creswick to Daylesford Line.

This bridge was unusual in that it had two decks, the upper deck for the train and the lower deck carrying pedestrians across Jubilee Lake in Daylesford. The North Creswick to Daylesford line was closed in July 1953. The following photos were taken in October 1955, not much more than two years after the closure of the line.

This bridge, albeit without its rail deck, is still in existence today, as the lower pedestrian bridge is still in use. 
Photo by Des Jowett

Looking across the deck back towards Daylesford. 

Photo by Des Jowett

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  1. There's almost no trace of the former line apart from that bridge (having walked it some years ago), private property has resumed use in many places. A shame because it passes through some spectacular country and would probably make a good Rail Trail for cyclists from Creswick to Daylesford - perhaps in the future?