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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Nimmons Bridge - Linton Junction to Skipton Line

Today I set out on a three day expedition to try and cover 6 bridges in Western Victoria. On the way, I collected an old work colleague in Ballarat, Ian Small, who will accompany me on the trip. Ian and I used to work in the television production business together.

The first call was Nimmons Bridge, on the Linton Junction to Skipton line. The bridge crosses the Woady Yaloak River, a couple of kilometres west of Newtown. This bridge is quite well known, as it is the second largest timber bridge still in existence in Victoria, second only to the famous bridge at Noojee. It is in very good condition, as it is part of a well maintained rail trail.

The bridge is quite accessible, you can drive along Galatea Road right up to a parking area that is only 200 Metres from the bridge abutment.

The bridge consists of 17 openings of 20 feet, is 18.3 Metres high and 103.9 Metres long. On the day we experienced rather dull skies, which made the photography difficult, and some gusty winds. However we managed to get a good collection of photos and a nice orbiting clip of the bridge.

Video Clip

This clip is best viewed full screen and in high definition mode (1080p).

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