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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Koo Wee Rup to Strzlecki Line - High bridge at Strzelecki

Koo Wee Rup to Strzelecki Line - High bridge at Strzelecki. There is no trace of this bridge any longer, it has long gone, but you can still clearly see the bridge abutments. The marker icon in this case marks where the centre of the bridge was.

There is an amusing story told in Merilyn Ramsay's book: "Towards the end of the life of this railway, this bridge was in dire need of maintenance, and eventually the locomotive crew of a train heading towards Strzelecki were so alarmed at the creaking and swaying of the bridge on the down trip, that when returning they were not prepared to ride the train over the bridge. So the driver and guard walked across the bridge, while the firemen set the brake, eased it slightly, and let the train roll across on its own on the down grade. As it finished crossing, the driver swung aboard and stopped the train. The fireman was seen crossing the bridge on his hands and knees!"

However it most likely remains just an amusing story, as the bridge was in a sufficiently safe condition to allow salvage trains to take out the turntable from the terminus, along with the rail.

The bridge sat here for a long time with just the piles in place, the decking having been removed (or stolen!). There were still piles in evidence in the early 70s.

Looking across the gap. The Down end abutment is at the foot of this photo, while the up end is the furthest mound away from the camera, closer to the cutting hidden by the trees.

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