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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Koo Wee Rup to Strzlecki Line - Road Over Rail Bridge at Strzlecki

Road Over Rail Bridge at Strzelecki. The Warragul Korumburra Road once crossed the rail line with a timber bridge, the rail line being in a cutting. The cutting has long been filled in, but the approach rail cutting is still quite visible as is the exit embankment on the Down side.

The end of the cutting nearest the road, with a gentle slope up to the road level. At the far end of the cutting, the line passed over a small embankment and then onto what has been described as The High Bridge.

From near the site of the high bridge (behind me), looking back across the embankment to the cutting.

On the East side of the road, the line exited the cutting straight onto this large embankment, containing around 28,000 cubic yards of material. The line can be seen curving around to the right in the distance, to the right of the house and on to the line terminus a short way further on.

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