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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Korumburra to Outtrim Line - Bridge Over Rees Road in Jumbunna

Bridge Over Rees Road in Jumbunna, or what little is left of it. Three piles, one cut of at ground level, is all that is left of this bridge. Those, and the bridge abutment is all there is to suggest a bridge was ever here.

Photo of the Jumbunna Township taken from the hill to the north. The bridge can be seen in middle left of the shot. The piles are at the end nearest to the camera.

Photo by H Taylor Studio, copy from Clare Gleeson, Museum Victoria
This is the bridge as it appeared on January 4, 1955. The line was out of use but the bridge was in good condition.
Photo by Des Jowett
The three piles and the end of the abutment, all that is left of the bridge today.

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