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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Korumburra to Outtrim Line - Outtrim Coal Mine Area

Outtrim Coal Mine Area. This was the terminus of the branch, a small valley filled with coal mines. Today, looking at the area, there is a vague suggestion of the busyness of yesteryear, but almost nothing of the mines exist today other than a few adits, some of which are still open. However all are on private land and the owners are not keen to let you go into them. There is a lot of suspicion around here of coal seam gas explorers, and there are signs warning them off.

General view of area. The line emerged from the cutting to the right and passed over an embankment beyond the gate to where the white house has been recently built. The house sits right where the tracks fanned out into s series of sidings. The sheer wall  just visible to the right of the house features in the next photo from the past.

Mine area showing sidings and coal loading stages. The sheer wall to the right with the man sitting on it is the same as that at the rear of the present new house.  However none of the mine buildings exist today, nor any trace of them. Just behind the man on the wall, tucked around the corner, was one of the main mine entrances.
Photo by John Henry Harvey from the State Library of Victoria collection
Wide shot of mine area. The sheer wall behind the house can clearly be seen now, along with the cutting and banks forming the rail approach to the mines. This whole area was once filled with mine buildings, equipment , huts and such.

This shot is the opposite of the previous present day one, taken from the other side of the valley. The cutting is clearly seen in the top left of the photo, and the valley is filled with mines and equipment.
Photo by John Henry Harvey from the State Library of Victoria collection

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