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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Road over Rail Bridge at Jeetho

Road over Rail Bridge at Jeetho. The smaller of the three bridges in this locality, this bridge carries the Jeetho Road over the rail line at Jeetho. It has not been given the same treatment as the other two bridges, no steel cladding, but it is of a similar design.

View of the roadway taken on the south side looking north. It is clear that I used a flash for this shot, it was a miserable day with fine misty rain.

Looking at the bridge from the North East corner. The Bena Bank begins here and rises to the left of the photo. Note the lack of any steel reinforcement that characterises the other bridges.

At track level looking along the line in the Up direction towards Loch. At the time of taking this photograph, the line is out of use.

From South West corner, showing minor reinforcement of braces.

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  1. I was here about 2 months ago. All the rails and sleepers were being torn up, for a rail trail.
    Never again will the sound of trains be heard in South Gippsland.