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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Korumburra to Outtrim Line - Outtrim Cutting

Outtrim Cutting. Made famous by the shot of W155, which I have reproduced a copy of here. This deep cutting has now been filled in and the original wooden bridge carrying the road over rail has long gone.

The classic shot showing W155 climbing out of the Outtrim mine area with a full load of coal in tow. The town buildings in the background are also long gone.
Photo by VR Photographer, from Museum Victoria.
The cutting taken from as close as possible to the same position, but no train, no cutting.

The approach to the Outtrim cutting from the opposite direction, seen winding around the hills from the big embankment.

The cutting on the other side of the road, heading off to the Outtrim mine area.
And this is how the road bridge over the cutting looked on January 4, 1955. I can only say I am glad I nver drove across that bridge.
Photo by Des Jowett


  1. Your comment about never driving over the bridge made me laugh when I thought of this photo of the same bridge!

  2. That's funny. These days you would have hired a bunch of traffic control guys to put out signs, had flagmen to stop the traffic in both directions - then ruled out the whole exercise on OH&S grounds anyway. Thanks for the link.