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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Korumburra to Outtrim Line - Approach to Jumbunna

Korumburra to Outtrim Line - Approach to Jumbunna to the North West of the Jumbunna township. This line is characterised by embankments and cuttings, as it is almost impossible to run a railway through this terrain on the level. On the Up side of Jumbunna there is a long straight section of track alongside the road, coming out of a cutting, in the distance the line crosses to the left hand side of the road to arrive at the old Jumbunna station site, now built over with stock sheds. This line was closed in October 1953.

Looking towards the township of Jumbunna, although little of it now remains. Where you see the white car in the distance on the road, the line crossed over to the left side of the road. I could not help thinking that the power poles need straightening.

Looking back in the opposite direction, the line crosses one of many embankments into yet another cutting, on its way back to Korumburra.

The floor of the cutting directly below the position where I was standing to take the shots.

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