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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Road over Rail Bridge Bena Bank

Road over Rail Bridge Bena Bank. Another case of Steel Strangler Fig infestation, Only in this case, more extreme. This bridge is quite high, I would estimate 6-7 Metres from rail to road. Unfortunately there was no safe way down to rail level to get a shot, as the ground was wet and greasy.

Taken on the South side looking North. Bena is to the right. Like its sister bridges, this is strictly a single lane bridge with stopping point on the North road side if the bridge is occupied.

A good view of the extent of the steel reinforcement. The piles are sitting in concrete encasements with surplus rail used to brace the bridge in every direction.

From under the bridge it can be seen that the bracing is very extensive, however it should be acknowledged that the timber piles are still the main structural elements of this bridge.

Looking up at the decking, two heavy longitudinal I beams can be seen running the length of the bridge, with the road surface still sitting on transverse timbers. Some piles, like the middle one in this trestle, are strapped and filled to prevent moisture getting into the pile and accelerating decay.

View looking down to the rail track.

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