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Saturday, 16 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - The Bridge At 15.0 Km.

The Bridge At 15.0 Km. is beside Peers Road, crossing a drainage channel. It is a 5 span culvert type concrete bridge. The track has been cut just on the eastern side of the bridge to allow vehicular access to a paddock beyond, and curiously, that access is shown on maps as Adams Road, although plainly, no such road exists. It is located 15.0 Kms from Cranbourne.

The bridge has 5 spans of inverted concrete culvert design with abutments cast in concrete.

Shows the tracks disappearing into the scrub and blackberries. The channel is slightly tidal still at this point, evidenced by an upstream flow as the tide came in.
The track has been cut, and in this view we are looking towards the down direction. The track has clearly subsided over the years.

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