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Sunday, 17 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Bridge At 23.10 Km.

Bridge At 23.10 Km. is a long span culvert bridge across a low section of ground that is flood prone.

A low concrete deck, cast concrete culvert style bridge at the 23.10 Km mark from Cranbourne. It is approximately 120 Metres long, over a low section of the swamp  that is prone to flooding. Interesting that a  housing development nearby is not protected from flood waters in any way. The old line to Strzelecki curves away to the left of this shot.

View down the bridge. On the way there, on the sanitized, concrete paved path, I stumbled across a huge dog poo that did not have warning cones or Danger - Slippery Surface signs to warn me of the danger. But all the bridges now have solid steel gates with signs say No Unauthorised Access. I wonder who can authorise access? One gate can be seen at the far end of the bridge. I guess they do effectively prevent use of private trolleys.

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