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Monday, 25 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Lang Lang Station

Lang Lang Station exists as a platform, a passing road and a few small relics. The township of Lang Lang seems to look after the area as if it may one day be resurrected, and maybe it will. There is some logic in running an electrified service as far as Lang Lang to serve the expanding metropolitan area.

Looking in the Down direction towards the station, with the crossing at Westernport Road in the foreground. Some of the  now redundant electrical cabinets are still there, the points to the second road are visible across the roadway, with the platform in the distance. The box cover over the signal ladder is clearly visible.

An often repeated view of the station platform, decaying but still there and surfaced in bitumen. The small Cocker Spaniel is Georgia, who accompanies me on these trips. She can sniff out a rail relic at a hundred paces, works cheap and runs on Fish N Chips, just like me.

The well photographed remains of the lever frame on the platform.

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