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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wonthaggi Branch Bridge Number 2 - Bass River

Wonthaggi Branch Bridge Number 2 - Bass River, is a quite large bridge, probably only second in size to the famed Kilcunda Trestle and is entirely modern in construction. It is of virtually identical construction to the nearby bridges on the South Gippsland line over the same river and also over Allsop's Creek. It consists of four tall cast concrete piers with a long centre span and steel beams. The deck is transverse wooden construction. The bridge is located 4.32 Km from Nyora and is 56 Metres long and approximately 14 Metres above the water. Part of the transverse wooden deck has collapsed, but otherwise it is in good condition. It is certain this is not the original bridge, as the approach is dog-legged as if the straight approach was for a previous bridge, and it is documented that the original line had temporary bridges in order to construct the branch quickly.

Shows the approach to the Bass River Bridge in the distance. You can just make out the slight curve to the left, closer to the brown bull, rather than the straight alignment. And yes, he was a bull. We had an agreement, I was not interested in his cows, and he was not interested in me.

Across the deck. The rotten section is near the dead shrub, which is over one of the massive centre piers. Quite un-nerving to look through the hole for someone with acrophobia.  The gate in the foreground has been muscled by the cattle, and wombats have been doing their best to undermine the piers.

Western side of Up abutment, looking towards the Down end. The two piers on this side are clearly seen, the other side is a mirror of this.

As clear a view as I could obtain of the central piers and span. Future trips might involve carrying a chainsaw.

A wider view taken from down closer to the river, showing the piers and span on the far side.

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