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Monday, 25 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Lang Lang River Bridge

The Lang Lang River Bridge is a lovely example of an all timber trestle bridge. It stands high over the Lang Lang River and appears to be in quite good condition, although the refuge half way across has fallen away. It is quite safe to cross by foot, so I was able to measure its length at 83 Metres, with 16 openings. It is an easy hike back along the ROW from the crossing in Westernport Road in the shopping centre of Lang Lang, only 800 Metres, and worth a visit if you like old wooden bridges.

View along the deck.

View from South Eastern corner, looking along the approach spans in Up direction.

Arty-farty view through the middle of the trestles. I should have grabbed manual focus.

The central trestles over the river. The remnants of the refuge supports can be seen up at deck level.

Looking back at the approach from down end.

Marking on the bridge pile at the Down end, north pile.

Marking on the bridge pile at the Down end, south pile.

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