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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wonthaggi Branch - Nyora Bank

Wonthaggi Branch Nyora Bank was a section of line that was regraded after construction to make it easier on Up trains with coal loads. A disadvantage of making the Wonthaggi Branch diverge at Nyora is the necessity to climb up a hill then down again, when a better route might have been taken to the west from Lang Lang. As a result, shortly after the line was built it was regraded. Berrys Road was redirected to cross over the line near the foot of the bank, and these photos are taken at the crossing.

The crossing is 3.28 Km from Nyora, this shot looks back up the bank in the Up direction. In the distance, the line curves around to the left and enters a deep cutting before running parallel to the South Gippsland line for the run into Nyora.

Looking in the opposite direction, down the bank towards the Bass River in the distance.

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