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Monday, 18 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Bridge at 9.65 Km

Bridge at 9.65 Km is at the foot of the Clyde Bank, over a small drain. It is of all-wooden construction, but a heavy infestation of blackberries prevented getting a good photograph of it. The blackberries have been sprayed and are dead, but that makes it no easier. This is the first bridge on the South Gippsland Line after Cranbourne. It is in very poor condition.

The bridge foundations appear to be in good condition, the line has sunken either side, but the deck is rotten. It is not protected by signs as it is inaccessible and remote.

Looking back towards Clyde, up the bank. A huge woof in the line at this point, not sure as to whether it is heat related (the line has long welded lengths) or a washaway.

Looking back towards Clyde from the foot of the bank. The vegetation prevents us from getting a long view of the bank.

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