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Monday, 25 May 2015

South Gippsland Railway Line - Caldermeade Station Site

The Caldermeade Station Site is bare, nothing left to see of the station. However there is a small ruined building there, and the leaseholder of the land says it was still standing when he took on the lease the land. His story is that it was the milking shed used by the Station Master for milking his small herd of cows. The owner said the SM, when made redundant by the closure of the station, went off and began a dairy in Melbourne that later became Pura Dairies. A quick check of the Pura history reveals there is probably no basis to this story however.

He said that on taking on the lease of the land, he was told he would have to take out insurance for the building with a clause to cover glass. It never had any glass in the windows.

It might have been a milking shed, but how would you tell these days?

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